Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay Sample + Nursing Essay Answer Tips

3 days ago

“Why did you choose nursing as a career?” – Be prepared to answer this question if you want to occupy the position of a nurse. Depending on your answer, your potential employer will make the final decision whether you’re the right person or not. Remember that you have only one chance to make a great impression. Due to the high competition in today’s job market, candidates should do their best to prepare original answers and attract the attention of an interviewer.

It is a really challenging task because you need to sound persuasive. How to show you are the best one who deserves a nursing position? It’s going to be really difficult. But you will increase your chances to succeed if you check why I want to be a nurse essay sample and follow the tips given in this article. Keep on reading to know how to answer the question “Why I want to be a nurse?” to meet your goal.

What is a nursing essay and why should you write it the best you can?

Whether you need to write a nursing essay at the university or to get a nursing position, the goal of its writing would be the same. You should give a clear and concise answer two key questions. The first one is “What attracts me in the profession of a nurse?” and the second one is “What skills do I have to succeed in a nursing career?”

The main difficulty students face is to express all the ideas in the answer within the established word limit. Being able to persuade the reader that you’re the best candidate for a nursing job is a real talent. You should take efforts to find powerful words in your answer, which would sound convincing. When writing an answer, you should be guided by the thought that a great nursing essay is your chance to get the desired job.

5 tips for writing why I want to be a nurse essay sample

Have you been asked: “Why did you choose nursing?” This question has a variety of possible answers. Whatever reasons for becoming a nurse you have, follow the answer tips below when writing a nursing essay. We have prepared a list of useful guidelines, which will make your life easier.

  • Structure your nursing essay properly. This means that your answer should start with a brief introduction, then there must be the main body, and finally, the conclusion. The well-structured essay will help the reader to have a clear understanding of your arguments
  • Hook the reader. There are many ways on how to attract the attention of your target audience. The best one is to share an interesting story from your life. For example, tell about the situation which made you think about the career of a nurse
  • Tell about your strong points. A good nursing essay answer should provide arguments saying you suit a nursing position better than anybody else. It is necessary to tell about your obvious strengths from a new paragraph each time. It is recommended to include at least two or three reasons why you consider yourself to be the best one
  • Highlight one key skill you possess. Make an accent on one important skill you have, without which it is impossible to become a good nurse.
  • Check essay answer examples. There are two main reasons why you should have a look at the nursing essay works and learn from samples:
    1. To be inspired by great ideas.
    2. To pay attention to the writing style and essay structure.

Note: Remember that only a flawless error-free essay will be evaluated positively. Not only your valuable point of view matters. The way the answer is written plays an important role.

Why I want to start a nursing career: Essay sample

Check a sample answer below to expand your knowledge and skills for essay writing.

“Most students can’t decide on what careers they like most even being graduates. It is not about me. I have made my nursing career choice being 10 years old. Once, my younger sister fell seriously ill. My mom had to work to earn a living, so she couldn’t stay with my sister all the time. It was me who helped to take care of my sick sister. It’s when I understood that nursing is exactly what I want to do in my life. When my sister felt better, she said “Thanks for being so kind, patient, and attentive to me. You’re the best sister in the world”. It was the best reward for the hours I spent near her bed.

I have always had a strong wish to help people. I think it is the best way to get satisfaction from your job. Even being a kid, I preferred the role of a nurse when playing doctor games while my friends were patients.  Scenarios about caring nurses were my favorite.

I am the person who isn’t afraid of challenging work. Nurses and doctors are entrusted with the most valuable – health and life, and therefore, complete dedication to the job is a must. I am ready to devote myself to the work in the Health field understanding that it is a full-time job. Even when having free time, a medical specialist should improve his or her knowledge to be the best.

I am sure that my set of skills and personal qualities like patience, empathy, communication skills, accuracy, responsibility, emotional balance will help to become a good medical specialist.“

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