Nursing School Essay: Prepare an Outstanding Application

3 days ago

Everyone who plans to become a nurse is well aware of what a nursing school essay is. Many students had struggles with it since this paper decides a huge part of their future. Nursing school essay has the power to open the doors to many opportunities.

Of course, in many regions, the admission process is very different, but there one thing in common: nursing school essay is the most important part of an application. On this page, you will find out more about what is a nursing school essay and some application tips for accelerated nursing.

Tips on writing a great nursing school essay

Here are some nursing school essay application tips on writing an excellent nursing school essay that will be both strong and impressive. Remember these tips, and you will definitely get accepted to the nursing school of your dream:

  • Start with writing out point by point everything you would like to mention in your nursing essay. Think about what you would want admissions officers to see about you. Make a plan and an outline for your nursing essay. A nice plan for your nursing essay will make it easy to read, so don’t forget to do it.
  • Share the reasons why you have decided to become a nurse. Try to be original and don’t say something like “I always wanted to be a nurse since it’s a game I played when I was a kid”. When you write your nursing school essay, try to demonstrate yourself and your inner world and what led you to this decision. Be personal, and provide your future readers with interesting and true stories.
  • Show the admissions officers that you care about others. It’s not really enough to say you want to be a nurse because you want to take care of people: include in your nursing essay a real-life example that demonstrates it. Tell the board more about your accomplishments: maybe you once participated in a healthcare program, volunteered at the hospital, or organized a campaign.
  • Your qualifications and knowledge in your nursing school essay are also important for your nursing essay. The admissions board will have students’ grades, but it’s best to show more than that. Which experience do you have and why is it important for you? What did you learn from it? Mentioned all of it, and your nursing school essay will be more likely to outstand among others.
  • Talk about your inspirations. A nursing essay is about you, so feel free to open up about your dreams and aspirations! Share your thoughts about who inspires you and how you imagine your future career. Did simple Youtube videos about nurses inspire you to become one? Write about it!

11 important things you should include in your nursing school essay

These are the things you need to know when you think about writing a nursing school essay. It’s very important for an applicant to review all of these points and include them in your paper.

  1. Good introduction. A nice beginning will attract more readers, so pay attention to that. Include a hook to grab attention.
  2. Thesis statement. This is where you present your points and full disclosure of a topic. There is no good nursing school essay writing without a thesis, so surely work on it.
  3. What interests you about nursing and how did the interest appear.
  4. Reasons why you decided to go to the chosen nursing school or apply for a specific nursing program.
  5. The vision of your future career and life and ways how you are going to achieve your goals.
  6. Steps you have taken to become who you are right now.
  7. Personal achievements and what they meant to you.
  8. Experience in nursing. It can be any medical training, volunteering, or special accelerated nursing programs.
  9. Academic accomplishments and interests.
  10. A few words about your personality and character.
  11. Conclusion. Every paper needs a good finish, as well as a nice start. Think about which words would be the best for the ending, and don’t include any additional info in the end.

Do’s and don’ts of a nursing school essay

There are some things that you should not do when writing your nursing school essay. Remember these so you avoid some mistakes:

  • Don’t plagiarize. Taking ideas of others and not mentioning the author is not respected, and even can be punished. Most nursing schools have zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism, and if it is detected, you might lose a chance to study there. Respect the rights and privacy of other authors.
  • Don’t forget to include information about steps you have taken to prepare yourself for the career of a nurse. It’s important to mention what you did to become better at nursing.
  • Don’t write a regular nursing essay without something unique about it. Successful nursing school essay tells a story about a person and his or her way to the nursing career. A simple nursing school essay is not going to stand out among others, so try hard to make it better and more original.
  • Don’t choose a nursing essay topic you don’t like or know nothing about. It has to be something you really like; a subject you are passionate about. Always write about something that interests you, and not something that is just popular.
  • Don’t ignore the editing stage. Many students skip this part and send a nursing school essay with multiple errors. As a result, many of these applicants end up being rejected because of mistakes.

To сonclude

Being a nurse is always hard: you need to know everything about receptor perception, blockers, arbs, quadrants of the abdominal cavity, angiotensin, and other necessary things. A nurse has to deal with hundreds of tasks every day, but the job that is done is always important and appreciated. Never be afraid to ask for help, especially if you feel like you need a hand. There are always people around you who are ready to help.

You could also use the assistance of professional writing and editing services to have a window for yourself and self-development, while additional assignments are getting ready. Just contact them through an email or mobile phone, and you will get what you need.