Nursing Essay Examples: Great Tips for Nursing Application Essay

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Have you chosen an accelerated nursing program in Boston you’d like to apply to? Then, you should know: the well-written nursing school application essay makes the main part of the grade. Besides the nursing application essay, you may be asked to provide a recommendation letter, resume, and personal statement. But only a nursing school essay can provide admissions board with a clear understanding of what kind of a person you are, why they must approve you and reject other school applicants.

Many students dream about entering a nursing school but only the best of the best succeed in the medical career. A high-quality school nursing paper will allow the committee to make the right choice of a candidate. Will it be you? God knows! But if you check nursing essay examples and follow school application essay tips, you’ll boost your chances significantly! So, let’s get started.

What is a nursing school essay: A clear picture of it

Would you like to save people’s lives, take care of those who have given up, and make a positive difference in their life? It is a great plan! But to realize it, first, you need to submit an impressive admission essay to a nursing school. The process of writing nursing school application essays may take much time and efforts. But it is important to create an original nursing piece of writing, which will stand out. You should have a clear understanding of what the nursing school admissions committee expects to see in your nursing paper when applying.

First of all, they want to hear your unique story. It is your personal experience or the story of somebody’s else, which has encouraged you to choose a nursing career. If you manage to hook the reader, the success is guaranteed. But it isn’t as easy as ABC. Most students fail not knowing how to attract the attention of the nursing school committee. A nursing application answer is not just a paper about your plans for the future, and promises like “I will be the best medical worker ever!”. The nursing school admissions officers want to read a really strong nursing essay that wouldn’t tell but show them you are a student who deserves this place.

Nursing essay examples: 3 key tips on how to craft an outstanding admission essay

Remember, a nursing school application paper may provide you with a chance to achieve your goal or, vice versa, deprive you of an opportunity to be accepted. Don’t take risks and check application tips for accelerated nursing programs. With the help of professional nursing school paper advice, you’ll be able to increase your chances to hear “You’re accepted to our nursing school”.

  1. Structure your nursing school essay properly. Check nursing application answer samples in some educational blog before you start writing. Pay attention to the elements they include and follow the nursing example. There are different ways on how to write it but there is a certain nursing answer structure you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to write a short nursing paper introductory part able to attract the reader’s attention from the very first lines. Continue with several main reasons why you’ve chosen nursing career, and, finally, end your nursing answer with a brief conclusion. It shouldn’t be just a summary of the thoughts expressed in the paper. It should be a powerful ending that won’t leave the nursing school committee indifferent. Your task is to find some memorable words for your nursing school paper conclusion.
  2. Tell about your professional skills and education. The only wish to help people isn’t enough to become a great specialist. The committee expects to get full information on your accomplishments. You need to write about all the nursing courses you’ve passed successfully. If you have any certificates, it would be a big plus.
  3. Focus on your strengths. Emphasize your specific strong points that may be of use for the profession of a nurse. Make sure you don’t sound like the one who is self-confident. It is better not to write “I am a responsible person” but to share a story from your life that will make a positive impression on the committee. Let them make conclusions on their own that you are a responsible, sociable, hard-working, etc.

Avoid banal phrases, be yourself, and touch the soul of the nursing school admission committee with your strong desire to be useful for the society.

Nursing application essay sample

I cannot remember the moment when I first thought about what my profession would be. But I know for sure that my choice is the one I will never regret. I haven’t experienced any pressure when choosing the career of a nurse, though my parents wanted me to become a teacher. But I knew nursing was my calling.

My great-grandmother, a medical professional, saved lives during the Great Patriotic War. Her stories made me, a child of primary school, seriously think about nursing career. Once, fulfilling her duty, pulling out the wounded man from the battlefield, she was wounded by a mine splinter. After a long rehabilitation, she returned to medicine again.  I was always listening to her attentively and knew that I wanted to save lives as she did.

I always avoided the question: “Why did I choose the profession of a nurse?”. It is equivalent to the question: “Why did I decide to become a good person?” Who else can I be? I have always wanted to be helpful to others. When I began to understand the value of human life, I started to think that I myself could give someone the most precious gift – longer life and new opportunities that will open in front of a person who has fought death.

My parents never insisted on choosing my profession. I have an ordinary family: my father works at a factory, and my mother works as a teacher at school, but I would really like them to be proud of me! My strongest desire is to become a good nurse, I want to help people, I am not afraid of the extremely high responsibility. I think choosing a profession is like getting married  – once and for life, and there should be no doubts! Seeing the eyes of patients who are grateful to you is worth becoming a nurse.

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