Nurse Practitioner Essay Examples + Personal Statement Tips

3 days ago

Have you chosen a nurse practitioner program but you aren’t sure you’ve good chances to be accepted? A well-written personal statement will boost your chances for success. Writing a nurse practitioner essay is an obligatory part of the application procedure, which frightens almost every candidate. Most students start panicking long before the submission date. It is not surprising. There are lots of issues you may face when working on your essay. The key one is how to meet the expectations of the admissions committee and persuade them you are the best candidate.

If you have no ideas on what to include in your nursing essay, check nurse practitioner essay examples here. Writing this kind of application paper is a challenging task. So, we’ve prepared a list of useful tips intended to make your life easier. Keep on reading to find out how to achieve your goal and get a nursing education by writing an insightful answer.

What issues may you face when writing a nurse practitioner essay?

You need to understand how crucial it is to submit a great essay if you want to be accepted to a reputable practitioner school. Being a student you have submitted hundreds of essays in Engineering, Business, Science, Psychology, etc. But this one isn’t just a regular essay. A nursing essay is a personal statement, a story about yourself, which helps the admissions officers to learn more about an applicant. It is up to you to decide what you’d like them to know. However, you should always keep in mind the expectations of the admissions committee.

Today, there is a primary care provider shortage. You’ve already made a serious step in your life when you’ve chosen a nurse practitioner administration job. This means you are the one who isn’t afraid of taking more responsibilities being a nurse. But when it comes to writing a personal statement, few students find it as easy as ABC. Most feel puzzled and confused being unable to create an interesting story within a certain word limit. It is not the only problem you may face when working on a practitioner school personal statement. Check the tips below to increase your chances to meet the requirements of the nurse school committee.

How to write a nurse practitioner essay statement: 6 Best tips

You’ve chosen a very noble profession of a practitioner nurse. Now, it is high time to show how professional and responsible you are. Writing a brilliant personal statement is your only chance to demonstrate your competitive advantage. Don’t lose this opportunity by following simple tips below.

  1. Structure your answer properly. Divide your answer into paragraphs. Make sure you have:
    • an eye-catching introduction,
    • the main body,
    • the conclusion.

    Write an outline with subtopics and follow the paper design not to miss any significant details.

  2. Avoid general phrases. Being specific is a must for a successful practitioner essay. Admissions officers want to know more about your personality. So, go into details and give examples from your personal life for them to have a better understanding of what kind of person you are.
  3. Follow the instructions. Show you are able to follow the guidelines when answering your essay questions. Time-management is one of them. Start preparing a statement early to submit it before the deadline. It is not only about instructions themselves. An ability to meet the guidelines is one of the great features every nurse should have.
  4. Show you understand the role of a nurse practitioner. Tell why you’ve chosen the career of a practitioner nurse, not just a nurse. Share your ideas on the responsibilities practitioner nurses have. Describe the benefits of being a practitioner. Tell why you’d like to practice exactly this kind of nursing, regardless of a larger number of professional requirements.
  5. Include convincing arguments that you deserve the placement. It is not about boasting your personal character features. It is about giving a clear picture of your professional advantages. Tell about the skills you have and how they will help you to become a good specialist. Many students dream of entering nurse practitioner schools but it is impossible to accept all of them. The admissions officers will have to face a difficult choice. So, make it so that they feel like choosing you. Create a memorable story with a powerful thesis statement and good structure.
  6. Make sure the essay doesn’t require editing. An original paper containing well-structured information won’t be evaluated positively if there are grammar and spelling mistakes. Take this into account and edit the answer. If you know that grammar isn’t your strong point, use special online programs to check your work. Read it loud to know how it sounds.

Nurse practitioner essay story example

When my granny has diagnosed with a horrible disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, my mom hired a primary care provider to take care of her. During that period of time, I learned much from our nurse Ann. She was a really great specialist with a kind heart. Looking at how she helped my weak granny to do the basic everyday things she could do on her own, I understood I wanted to help people as she did.

To tell the truth, it was extremely difficult to look at granny. Sometimes, I thought that it wouldn’t be easy for me to cope with my emotions. But then I told myself “A medical worker should be calm and positive all the time. These sick people want to see smiling faces around them, which will distract them from their health problems. It is me who can make their days better”. Since that day, I started to take care of my granny every day. I spent days with the care provider asking her about her professional duties. She gave me lots of useful recommendations, which helped me to pass my first nursing course.

Now I want to improve my professional knowledge. I think that your nursing university is the best place to graduate from. Here I can get the specific skills I need. I am ready to take responsibility and challenges. Becoming a practitioner nurse is the dream I’m going to make come true. Hope you’ll provide me with an opportunity to gain the necessary experience for my further development.

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