How to Write a Nursing Application Essay: Expert Tips and Tricks

3 days ago

Want to enter the best nursing school but the competition is high? Writing a great nursing application essay is crucial for persuading the committee you’re the best. Be prepared to write a nursing application essay not only for getting a placement in school but also when being employed. Along with submitting a resume, you will have to write an outstanding story about yourself. Most employers ask applicants to compose an application paper to get to know them better. Put yourself in the recruiter’s chair and think what kind of answer may hook you. Nobody said it will be easy! But following effective tips, you’ll double your chances for success.

Submit a nursing application essay where actions speak louder than words

Today’s job market is very competitive, which makes it even more difficult to tell about yourself. Many candidates associate the process of writing a nursing application essay with a real catastrophe. It is due to the fact that the well-written answer is your chance to be approved. However, it is not easy to create a story that will stand out.

If you want to impress an employer and be invited to the interview, learn how to craft a valuable essay. It plays a great role in your success. If an employer feels like being hooked by your nursing essay, he or she will have a wish to meet you in person. Are you a great specialist who has all the necessary skills for becoming a nurse? Perhaps, yes. But you may lose a chance to prove this without having excellent writing skills. How the employer will know you are the one who suits the position of a nurse best if you don’t tell him/her an exciting story pointing out your benefits as a candidate? Now you see how it is crucial crafting a flawless nursing answer.

How to write an amazing nursing essay: 6 great tips and tricks

The common mistake most applicants make is searching for cliche-ridden samples. We will teach you how to create a really interesting paper avoiding banal phrases. Have a closer look at the tips below and follow them if you want to see your name on the list of those who are invited to have an interview.

  • Engage the reader with a hooking story. While others start boasting with their great professional and personal skills, tell a story, which won’t leave recruiters or the committee indifferent. We tell stories to our friends every day. Is this the same kind of a story? You may be surprised but it is. The only distinctive feature is that you need to tell about yourself from the perspective of your professional talents and skills. Make sure your story contains examples from real life and is able to cause positive emotions. Tell why you have chosen the career of a nurse. Don’t say “I like to help people”. Your nursing story should help the recruiter to make such a conclusion.
  • Make your story bright and vivid. It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. The recruiters must have a feeling that they see everything you’re talking about. All the situations described in the paper should be written in a clear and concise manner. Tell about the practice you’ve had performing responsibilities of a nurse, share interesting uncategorized clinical cases of your patients.
  • Cover all the skills nurses should possess. There are certain skills each good nurse should possess. Do you have all of them? It is just perfect! Now, tell about them using examples from your life. Make sure your words sound convincing.
  • Let the recruiter feel you’re the candidate worth choosing. Imagine how many essays recruiters read daily. So, your task is to write the text that won’t bore them. You need to develop your personal writing voice if you want to make it memorable. Remember: telling eye-catching stories may be helpful.
  • Check the nursing paper and edit, if necessary. In order to achieve success, you need to craft not only brilliant content but make sure it is error-free. It would be a pity to spoil the impression by minor mistakes. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you’re recommended to edit and proofread the paper. Use grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers, and other tools, which are intended to help you in polishing your nursing essay. Using advanced technology, you will be able to check each letter. The program will leave a comment automatically if there is a spelling or grammar mistake.
  • Don’t prepare your answer in a hurry. Take your time and better start early. If the submission date is February 7th, it isn’t a good idea to start on February 6th. One day is not enough to create a winning story. As you could already understand, writing a nursing application essay may become a real challenge. Don’t postpone writing if you don’t want to make mistakes. Think twice writing each word because it is not just a word, it is one more step toward your dream profession. Remember: all recruiters appreciate when applicants know something about their company. So, learn more about the company’s activity and the ways you can use to reflect this knowledge in your answer. Share ideas about why you have chosen this place to work as a nurse.

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