Example of a Reflective Essay In Nursing: Tips for Nursing Students

3 days ago

Many students are familiar with reflective essays: this is a pretty common type of work. It has a lot of benefits and could actually help you on your path to self-exploration. For nurses, reflective essay will also show the improvements that happened during some period of time. In this article, we are going to quickly review the definition example of a reflective essay in nursing and some tips on writing it.

What is a reflective essay in nursing: Definition example of a reflective essay

A reflective essay is a great form of writing that gives the author an opportunity to analyze the previous experience and reflect on it. You can use reflection to understand what have you achieved over the year and what did you learn from it. There are different techniques that you can use for writing your reflective essay, but one of the best methods is learning from the examples of other authors.

To write a good reflective essay in nursing you can also use special models like Gibb’s or Johns’ that can serve as a great framework for your paper. Choose the model that you feel is going to help you.

In general, a reflective essay is a great chance for nurses to see their growth over the time they spent in the nursing school or university and how their work has been so far. A reflective essay is a description not only of your feelings, but also experiences, learning processes, and changes you’ve been through.

Example of a reflective essay in nursing: things you can reflect on

There are many things that you could discuss in your reflection. Here are four of them, but, of course, there are various situations you could talk about.

  1. A patient. Did you have to deal with a patient who might have changed your views or career? In practice of almost every nurse, there is a special patient who had a big influence. If this is your case then you should definitely use it in your reflection. Of course, change the name, gender, or age of a person to avoid uncomfortable situations. For example, if the name of a patient is Laura, it’s okay to change the name to Hanna.
  2. Feelings. For some people, it might be hard to talk about how they felt during some period of time. But anyway, it’s worth trying. When you analyze what you have been feeling, you also go deeper and see the reason why have you felt that way and what’s led to it.
  3. An event or a series of events. Did something unusual, extraordinary, interesting happen to you during your practice? How did it influence you? Often we don’t even realize how much some events impact us and our placement. Reflective essay a great chance to find out about it.
  4. Another original reflection you could use for your essay is reflecting on every month of the year. For example, you could use this structure and example to understand it better:
    • For January, the beginning of the year, you could talk about your expectation for the year. February and March could be a description of your new beginnings.
    • For April and May, talk more about things you learned and how did you change your plan for the year. June, July, and August can be very different for many people, so try to focus on your summer feelings and moods and which role did they play in your work.
    • September is a time when the weather is changing, and for many people, this change influences the mood, while October and November can be more about comfort and positive changes. Talk about your life during these months.
    • December is the end of a year, so it’s a great place to sum everything up and reflect on the finish.

Best tips on writing a reflective essay in nursing

Here is of some tips that could help any student write a perfect reflective essay in nursing. Use these to compose a good essay:

  • Before writing an actual essay, make sure that you’re staying organised. Prepare all of the necessary materials and some snacks like cookies or fruits and water.
  • If there are any instructions given for your paper, re-read them and make sure you follow all of them.
  • Use a story from real life when working on your essay. If you make up stories and lie on your essay, it will seem fake and readers will notice it. Show what happened to you, which impact did it have, and how did you deal with the following consequences.
  • Be personal. This essay is about your life, so don’t be afraid to open up a little bit! Talk about your feelings and experiences freely: there is no reason to be ashamed of it.
  • Take some time to go through additional nursing literature to feel more confident. You don’t really need to include any books in your paper: do it for your own self-development and education.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are always people around you who are ready to provide you with the necessary assistance. You can use the help of tutors, professors, and professional writing services that can make your writing much better and help with any essay quickly.

To conclude

For any nursing student, writing a reflective essay could be a way to learn more about the inner self, the influence of previous experiences, feelings and how they impact lifestyle and career. There are many other recommendations that you could use to write a better reflective essay, but the truth is that the most important thing you need to do is to believe in yourself and your own writing.

In your reflective essay, you can use even small details to create a better setting: places like hotels or parks, people who surround you, movies and book you like, etc. Make sure you put all of the efforts into your work: if you do so, you will definitely succeed.