About me

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my page. Guess you want to know more about nursing essay writing, right? Well, you’ve got to the right place. My name is Vicky Ferry. I’m a student nurse in my first year of three. I hope I’ll manage to survive it no matter what. The dream should come true for me. And to make it easier for other students I’ve decided to start this blog.

Being a nurse student is a total mess and disaster. It is as hard as you can just imagine. Longs nights of work and studying with no right to concentrate on something particular. You should do both and do it well. Naked bodies, autopsy, good news, bad news, tears, laughter, and tons of information you need not just to absorb but to use on practice.

You may ask how it is possible for a nurse student to find time to manage a blog. Well, I must admit it is not an easy task so I’ve decided to cheat a little bit. No, all the guides and samples are mine and written by me. But most of them are dug out of my archive. Nursing essay writing tips, most useful samples, useful articles, and stuff. I’ve tried to get as much useful info as possible. So thanks to my archive and productivity I can afford both this blog and studying at the same time.

Of course, I read other blogs and watch miles of YouTube videos. Just as you are. Another student looking for answers. Who knows, maybe I’ll start my own channel one day. But now I’m totally into studying and want to help you at least somehow. It is a complicated task to write a nursing essay. Actually, it is one of the most difficult professional essays out there and you should be well-prepared.

So, look around and be ready to learn stuff. You’re welcome!